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Branson's "2017 MORNING SHOW OF THE YEAR!" -- AMERICA'S #1 PATRIOTIC SHOW -- The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show is an All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-American 1942 Roadshow & Radio Broadcast reproduction filled with the songs, dances and laughs that America has loved for 70 years. 
Featuring Broadway Veteran Jody Madaras, three sparkling co-stars, the rich sounds of Branson's Largest LIVE Orchestra (9-piece Hollywood Victory Caravan Orchestra), classic commercials, tight harmonies, impromptu skits, and 42 of the greatest American songs ever written, THE ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show offers a musical message for all Americans with a full-circle patriotic salute celebrating the American way of life; reminding us of a time when our country was fully united. "A MUST SEE!" -CBS-TV.
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“A PATRIOTIC SHOT IN THE ARM!” -Patrick Brent, Hawaii UPI
“One of those rare shows where audiences walk out smiling and singing!” - Times Square Chronicles
“It touches people’s hearts. It’s pretty amazing.” - Jack Lucas, Westcoast Entertainment
“All Hands on Deck” is a singing and dancing tribute to the Greatest Generation, those who fought and lived through World War II.” - The Spokesman Review
Our History
“We are reminded every day that our country has challenges. I wanted to write about patriotic unity, what’s right about our country, and thank our veterans in a musical way. I know how much these songs mean to them, and I have discovered as we have toured across America how much they inspire audiences of all ages. I want everyone to leave our show feeling a little better and happier about our country.” - Jody Madaras

2018 Performance Dates:

​​March - December 2018

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